Bodhi Seeds Bountiful Health Benefits

The Bodhi tree is one of the scared trees among Buddhists. It was/is used for sacred rituals mainly for cleansing and meditation, with the seeds used to assist when reciting mantras especially while meditating. Aside from the meditation and spiritual uses, Bodhi seeds are potent sources of nutrients and elements vital for the wellness of the human body. The seeds can be eaten raw, or even added to delicacies to supplement nutritional richness of the same. GYO discussed below are a few of the many health benefits of consuming Bodhi seeds.

Bodhi seeds are a rich source of omega fatty acids and vitamins. With the body unable to produce omega acids, it relies on the foods we eat for replenishment. Bodhi seeds are among the most potent plant-based sources of omega fatty acids. Although you may know this already, these fatty acids play a principal role in boosting the nervous system, cardiovascular health, and skin health. Adding these seeds to your diet plan should help improve your vitality and overall wellness significantly.

Bodhi seeds also pack potent antioxidants and vitamins as well. These nutrients are essentially needed to eliminate toxins and harmful compounds from body cells, thus promoting good health. Vitamins are also required to ensure proper cell and skin health. Adding these seeds in your diet plan supplements your daily intake of vital vitamins, which again promotes a youthful, radiant, and smooth skin. If you want to learn more about bodhi seeds benefits check out

Bodhi seeds are also believed to pack potent anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation from an allergic reaction, hormonal imbalance, and arthritis can be contained by having these seeds regularly. It would, however, be advisable to seek an herbalist’s advice first before eating these seeds, especially if you have any chronic conditions. Studies also show that these seeds induce increased blood circulation. Researchers have linked this to the nitric oxides present in the seeds in their raw form.