privacy policy

Diamond Prism Coaching has a standing tradition of recognizing and protecting the privacy of its customers. The Diamond Prism Coaching maintains strict privacy policies to reasonably safeguard customer information from unauthorized intrusions.

Online Privacy concerns focus primarily on the protection of customer information which customers reasonably expect to be kept private. Customer information is information that when associated with a particular customer, identifies that customer.

It is necessary for companies to collect customer information in order to conduct business and offer services. A Diamond Prism Coaching usually collects customer information in accordance with the Know Your Customer (KYC) policy and the Money Laundering Decree of 1995 and any amendment thereto. When you apply for a product or service on, you will be asked for personal information that is required to process your application. The information that you provide will only be used for the purposes described at the time of your application and where applicable in the terms and conditions that apply to the relevant product or service.

Diamond Prism Coaching will collect customer information in accordance with statutory provisions.