Examining gold through acid

Photo: © boykung/Fotolia Checking gold is absolutely required when offering your gold gems or purchasing such from an unaccredited source. Although the majority of gold items have carat stamps, often old unstamped jewels show up on the marketplace. The stamps can likewise be created and put on phony gems or ones that are exceedingly dirty and suspicious. When the gem is unmarked or you have questions concerning the credibility of the stamp, the simplest way to test the gold content in it is with the so called acid test. It is amongst one of the most preferred approaches of screening since it does not hurt the gold ornament as well as it has no impact on the carat weight or weight of it as well as hence minimizing its rate. The method of screening gold with acid can be quickly mastered. All you will certainly require is a scrubing stone, an acid kit as well as a few stamped and also accepted golden gems. The rock is normally little, around 4-5 centimeters in size. It can be in the shape of a rectangular plate, an oval, round or with an uneven shape. Its form