4 Gold Wire Ivory Pearl/crystal Ab Necklace

4 Golden wire Dye pearl/crystal ab necklace

4 gold cable graduated ivory pearl/crystal necklace, with AB crystals. This necklace is 48cm in length such as extension string.


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    The Real Cut of Diamond Rings

    From Amy Guth

    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged, and website posts and tweets are doing the digital equivalent of gathering around the newly engaged couple to find a glimpse of — what is? — the ring.

    In the admitted chance of sharing an extremely unpopular opinion and the backlash that’s sure to follow along, it is time to rethink our attachment to engagement rings, that last bastion of dowry and bridewealth civilization at the west, especially when presented by a guy as a token to a lady.

    DeBeers unveiled their “a diamond is forever” motto in 1947 to solidify the notion that the rock on a engagement ring was somehow emblematic of the durability of the union between the ring’s giver and recipient. But the origins of the engagement ring could be traced to ancient Rome, when betrothal rings were first presented and worn on the left hand’s ring finger, where a strand, the vena amoris, was believed to begin and run right to the wearer’s core. Afterwards, in 1477, Archduke Maximillian of Austria presented Mary of Burgundy a diamond ring, which allegedly secured her hand in marriage within a rival suitor, also then set the design and bar for western engagements since.

    History aside, modern civilization does a nice job of interacting us early, training us to believe we need to want and hope to be the sort of girl a man selects and validates with his suggestion, that the ultimate “proof” of being enough-ness as a female is to be presented with this epic poem, expensive bauble by a man, and the ultimate victory is that the diamond is a big one.

    Though the engagement ring’s role may have morphed into something seemingly benign, it compels us to be clear concerning what rings actually represent: a downpayment. Especially, a downpayment on intimate access to some girl, rooted in the action of procuring an heir to property and privilege.

    Which is problematic for many reasons, not the least of this is that there is very little love underscoring this action that we have idolized as the ultimate in #RelationshipGoals. And of course it fails to recognize that women, also, are sexual and cognitive creatures, like men, with desire and preferences, with, of course, hopes and opinions. This notion speaks to some societal determination that leaves the ultimate partner choosing (i.e. introducing of the ring) for men, apparently after having a cultural cue that the choice to enter into a life of togetherness is about his needs, his tastes, his wants, his hopes, which can be awarded much more import than hers.

    Beyond the ring, so also has our hyper-consumerist culture adopted expectations around the demonstration of the ring. Technically, when two people agree to wed, they move into the area of involvement; the ring is, or should be, however, a gift, if used in any respect. But, the change which has occurred has generated an expectation of verbal agreement to wed, the formality of “ring buying” during which time the wearer shares expectations and tastes, then, in a subsequent period, the suggestion will occur and the ring is going to be presented. Dowry or bridewealth holdover aside, what’s surprising and romantic about that much preparation and orchestration? Wouldn’t a personal, heartfelt conversation be more romantic than a knew-it-was-coming-but-didn’t-know-when carefully planned generation centering about the demonstration of a ring?

    To be certain, jewelry is fairly, and sparkly, and receiving a gorgeous gift from a loved could be downright lovely. But, diamonds continue to be an over $70 billion business mired in individual rights issues, which users may seem reluctant to fully boycott, or at least, willing to occasionally overlook in the name of tradition. But even beyond the ethical considerations related to the diamond the ring itself still remains a symbol of exceptionally defined gender roles: I shall give you this ring, and you’ll be mine.

    Not only is the engagement ring potentially a holdover from a period where marriages were about property exchange, but also the rings and their demonstrations also apply a consumer-culture mindset that the ring, and its demonstration, play a key role in a romance. Focus is hardly about the newest chapter, but onto the ring; hardly on the union, but about the marriage and whether or not it incorporated all the latest ideas from Pinterest.

    In a time where the spirit of revolution is in the atmosphere around gender roles, workplace discrimination, and also street harassment, it is also a fantastic moment to reexamine our customs, even bright and pretty ones that may have become synonymous with love, also gut-check our way. Indeed, frequently long-held customs quietly uphold the very structures we want to topple.

    And while, reluctantly we have perhaps allowed the bended-knee demonstration of engagement rings to become synonymous with authentic love and with being treasured, it is time we stood on equal ground with our beloveds, face to face, also agreed to perform this lifetime together as spouses.

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